•   Multiple Locations
  •   Full Time
  •   5 Day Week

Job Summary
The bartender works under the authority of Store & Beverage manager, on the smoothness of the operation at the Tea bar. Bartender is in charge of the preparation of the beverages at the bar, and all daily and weekly duties (juices, syrups, mise en place, cleaning and maintenance, reports and bar ordering, labeling and respect of the expiry dates…) and is responsible of all the items and perishables products behind the work area.
Passion, professionalism, confidence, creativity, and an excellent organization are some of the key skills required for this position. The Bartender knows the SOP, charts and updates about the teas spread by the management. The Bartender must have an excellent grooming, shows proficiency and confidence behind the bar, knows how to work with the team, organize the different tasks to achieve on time with the other bartenders.
The bartender is able to recommend, do tea pairing with the food selected by guests, and have a strong sense of customer service. Every day, the bartender has to choose a tea, as the tea of the day, and to research about it. The bartender is able to explain to colleagues the history, features and benefits of the teas selected.
Job Descriptions
• Proficiently prepare full range of teas and beverages offered by TWG Tea Salon
• Plan, organize, and control the operations of the Tea Bar
• Maintain the highest quality, consistent standard of beverages in accordance with TWG Tea
• Customer service focused and nurture an excellent guest experience
• Responsible for offering a friendly and efficient services to all guests
• Assess guests’ needs and preferences and make recommendations
• Ability to find solutions and bring up new ideas, shows creativity
• Ensure Tea Bar counter is clean and neat at all times
• Ensure food safety regulations are followed as according to NEA and TWG Tea’s policy
• Informs the Head bartender and the Store Manager of any operational inconsistencies

About the Employer

BRN/UEN: 200108022Z

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